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I seriously began looking at specializing in hair extensions  having suffered hair-loss myself.   It wasn’t long before hair replacement and hair extensions became my passion.

In the year 2000, my first Salon, Vanity Hair Extensions opened it’s doors.

“A sense of purpose fulfilled.”

The feeling of being elated after i’d restored self-confidence,  transforming lives by adding hair became addicting. 

Fast forward to,  i’d say 2005  when gluing in small sections of  hair (Fusion) became popular and whilst my friend Brenda Dennis and I worked on creating

Bondi-Fuse hair extensions.

I had began cutting off small sections of wefts and applying adhesive, even before the factories started to create pre-tipped or pre-bonded strands of hair extensions.

Small sections of hair made it so much easier for my clients to blend their extensions. If done correctly, it reduces tension, providing  fantastic length and volume. 



my story


The downside:

” A time killer for both the client and stylist plus the hair was not reusable.”

I’m happy to agree Hair Extensions and Lace Units have come a long way babe.

Natural and long lasting depending on price of course. The days of dry, stiff hair are gone for some of us.

Using my experience of at least 11 methods of hair extensions and hair loss solutions, the launch of Charisma Hair Extensions Salon in Essex along with our own Brand of Vegan Hair Products became a reality.

“By then Covid had taken hold of the world.”


grey hair extensions essex

“My Obsession With Hair”

Simply put, it is a massive obsession. lol

Having experimented for over 30 years by wearing all manner of hair-styles, varying textures and quality, Lace Units/Wigs and Hair Extensions, trust me, my knowledge is immense.

With Covid being here to stay for a while at least, the launch of -Charisma Hair Extensions Online Collection was born “I mean a girl’s gotta eat, right?” – 

Charisma Quality, Durable Hair Extensions and Lace Units.

Ranging in the following LUXURIOUS qualities:

Pink-100% Virgin Hair (High)

Black-Single Drawn 


Gold)Double Drawn Hair (Superior) 

All Charisma Hair is cuticle aligned, long lasting with great sheen and healthy bounce. 

Wish me luck beauties! 🙂




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